How Do I Care My Sanderson Bedding?

Le Me Know How to Care My Sanderson Bedding


Bought the sanderson bedding but you need to care? Read the step by step guideline.

1.    If you are not a designer freak, you should prefer buying a bedding set instead of bedding items separately. This will match the items properly and you will not lose them.
2.       When you are in the market and looking for a bedding set, the idea is to ensure that whatever bedding set you buy, it must be in accordance to your bedroom’s theme. This is a very crucial aspect and must not be ignored in any case.
3.    One of the easiest ways to maintain Sanderson bedding is to order your set in dark colors. This is easy and it will reduce the possibility of stains and other dirt clinging on the beddings. You can spend time looking for bedding sets in your local market but to purchase the same set online without spending any money will make the choice of colors easier.

4.       Always wash your Sanderson bedding set before using it for the first time. This is not necessary but it is a healthy activity.

5.       Don’t forget to look at the quality standards of the bed linen like thread count, fabric type and quality, items included in the bedding set and others to ensure proper care of the bedding sets. There are numerous factors that determine the quality of a bedding set and these must be kept in mind while shopping for a bedding set by sanderson.
6.       Once you have the bedding, the next big thing is to wash it regularly. A good idea is to wash your bedding once every week.
sanderson bedding
7.       Before putting sheets and bed linens in the washing machine, remove any stains from them with the help of water and detergent. These stains, if not removed prior to putting the bed linens in washing machine, will mix with the water and will ruin your entire bed linen.

8.       Avoid using strong detergents and bleaches. Bleaches are not at all recommended as they might damage the fibers of the fabric badly. Try using light detergent in sheer quantity. Do keep a careful handling of the bedding while using or washing them

9.        Wash bedding in slightly warm water. Water shouldn’t be excessively hot or cold as extremely hot or cold water is not good for fabric.

10.   When drying bedding in the dryer, ensure that the dryer is at minimum heat. High heat is not good for the fibers and can damage them.


How to Choose The Best Goose Down Duvet

Looking The Top  Goose down Duvet? Keep Reading !

In the world of duvets, goose down is the best among all options available. Choose the right one and get ready to sleep peacefully through the night and get up fresh and revived in the morning!!

goose down duvet

Sleep is very important for our overall well-being. And to make it a heavenly experience, you need to take care to choose the best pillows, top sanderson duvet covers,  comforters,  and anything else that you take with you to sleep. Among duvets, goose down is the best. With this, the experience is close to sleeping in heaven, if there could be something like that. It’s so soft that once you try one, you will never settle for anything less. In places where winters are quite harsh, keeping warm is the key to get a good night’s sleep.


If warmth is provided by something light weight, silky soft, and non-allergic, then can anyone say no? Probably not. Well, if you didn’t know, then let me tell you that there are different varieties of goose down duvets to choose from—Hungarian, Canadian, Siberian, to name a few. You may wonder what could be difference between these. After all, the difference is only in the names of places they belong to. But, if you are among the ones who truly care to choose only the best and take time to make a wise choice, then you must first understand the different types and based on your needs, buy one that suits you best.


To ‘Keep in Mind’ things while buying Goose down Duvet:

Filling power (how much goose down can occupy after being compressed and expanded) can vary between 500 to 800, with the former being cheapest and the latter the best, but rare. The more the fill power, the more warmth is guaranteed as it acts as an insulator between you and the outside temperature. Better to go for one with a baffle box, a three dimensional box that allows the goose down to expand to give you the perfect insulation for a comfortable sleep. It should be hypo allergic and chemical free. It’s better to opt for a cotton-silk blend with a minimum fill of 700.

If you keep these in mind, no one can come between you and your much deserved blissful sleep after a tired, long day.

Different types of Goose down Duvets:

Canadian Goose down Duvets: As the name suggests the geese used to make these are raised in the heartlands of Canada, fed wheat and barley and they are processed young. There is no mixing and fill power is over 800 and is consistent because it comes from the same breed of geese always.


Canadian Goose down Duvets


Hungarian Goose down Duvet: These are also considered best by many. They are superior in quality, consistent, and stronger.

Hungarian Goose down Duvet

Polish Goose down Duvet: Polish geese are raised slightly differently compared to the other two. They are grown in tighter flocks and so are smaller, resulting in lesser goose down.

Polish Goose down Duvet

Chinese Goose down Duvets: Made from geese that are the smallest and very active and therefore the ones that remain lean throughout. Fill power for these are about 550 and quite brittle.


Siberian Goose down Duvets: Many believe that geese in Siberia are not white or grey but colourful. And given the climatic conditions in Siberia it is virtually impossible to raise geese. Thus, this variety of goose down duvet is just a hype created for marketing goose down from perhaps China.

All said, it now depends on what you want. Depending on the climatic condition of your place you can choose from among the varieties available to enjoy a purely blissful, luxurious, comfortable night’s sleep. Given the cost, it is always wiser to buy the best goose down duvet during sale so that you get the best at the price you can afford.

How to Find and Choose Discontinued Dorma Bed Linen

Discontinued Dorma Bedding is in high demand again. If you have an incomplete Dorma Bed Linen set, you should look for the complete set in Discontinued Dorma Bed Linen Stockists.

One of the most attractive aspect of Dorma Bed Linen is that the thread count is at least 200 and this high thread count is not offered by any other brand. If you love Dorma as much as we do, you will always choose it for your bedroom.

Dorma Bedding

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The main problem with is that some sets are discontinued and you will have to search around for the matching set. Research and Communication are the key aspects in finding discontinued Dorma beddings. Search in different stores for matching sets, ask around and call up stores to know if they have any left in their warehouses.

Choosing Dorma Bedding


When you are choosing Dorma Bed linen which have been discontinued, you must know the name of the range as it will help you search when it comes to quality, nothing else compares to Dorma bed linen. Dorma has been producing quality bed linen since 1921 and the combination of innovative design and British heritage is why Dorma Bed linens are in such high demand.

Though Dorma offers an ideal selection of attractive, luxury bedding set which are appropriate for redesigning your bedroom, your bedding set may require some items from discontinued lines of Dorma bedding. Many online as well as regular stores stock discontinued Dorma bed linen and you may also find some in Dorma bed linen sale. Dawsons Department Store, Panters, Dorma Bedding and TJ Hughes are some of the stores known to stock discontinued sets of Dorma.

You can also call up Dorma customer care and see if any are available either in their stores or at the supplier for you easily. If you do not know the name, you can always visit stores to find out which one matches your existing set. You must take some time to compare and contrast the different designs and offers. Do a comfort check also, as it will help you to choose the best one for your bedroom.

If you are at a store, ask the customer representative or touch the Dorma bed linen to get a feel of the quality. Though every Dorma bed linen is made from the highest quality material, you need to make sure your set matches with the new one in all aspects.

dorma bedding

While buying discontinued dorma beddings, know that no question is silly. You are buying a luxury bedding set for your comfort and you should every question to clear all of your doubts. Whether you are buying from an online store or at a local store, be sure to check the discontinued set that you are buying matches with your existing set and that the price is reasonable. You should never pay an exorbitant amount of money just because you need to complete a dorma Luxury bed set.

V and A Bedding: How to Choose the Right Design

V and A bedding or V&A bedding refers to the bedding brand that is owned by Victoria and Albert museum. The royalties from the sales of V and A is given back to the V&A museum. Yes you read it right, the V and A bedding is owned and run by the museum. These royalties are one of the major earning sources of the museum. Though this is not the only source of income for the museum but it is one of the major sources for sure. Other income sources include publishing, digital and licensing.

V&A Museum

V & A Museum

Victoria and Albert museum London doesn’t need any introduction. It is the largest museum of the world that houses more than 4.5 million decorative art and design objects. It has 145 galleries and the collection includes as old as 5000 years art pieces which is a great achievement of the museum. No other museum in the world has such a rich and dense collection. It was founded in 1852 and since then there has been a significant increase in its galleries and decorative art items.

As a museum, it has to keep up with current trends by arranging exhibitions and research and importantly by maintaining its position as the world’s largest museum. These activities need money therefore in order to generate money, museum has, at this moment, four income streams which include licensing, digital goods, retail and publishing. V and A bedding is one major source of income for the museum that generates income by selling designs, bedding and home decor products all over the world via its store.

V and A Bedding

v and a bedding

V and A bedding UK is a fairly famous and well-known bedding brand. It sells bedding, home decor products, bed linens, prints and much more. All the designs are adapted and are inspired by the V&A museum. Most of the times, you will see old designs in their original form printed on the fabric while at other times, you will see a more modern and re-designed version of the older designs. So the brand doesn’t just takes the designs and reprints them rather it is doing a great job of reinventing and redesigning the older designs from the past so that they fit in easily in today’s era.

v and a bedding

V and A bedding collection is very rich that it gets really hard to decide what to buy. Buying something from this luxury brand for your bedroom isn’t easy. Choice gets hard.

When buying bed linens and bedding sets for your bedroom, you should keep these tips and suggestions in mind.


Design should be your top priority. If you are interested in buying something from V and A, it means you are interested in the strength of the design. As I have seen, most of the people who purchase from V and A, these are the people who are artistic or they love history, and this means that they know the importance of an in-depth and detailed bedding design. Every design from the V&A bedding collection has its own history and a past. All the designs are adapted from the archives of the museum. Nothing new is generated so one thing is sure, you always get something from the past. Therefore when buying anything from this brand, your top priority should be design, not the price or fabric.

Bedroom Theme

Does choosing a historic bed linen with floral patterns from 18th century is all what you need? No, there is of course much more than that. While looking at the designs, it is equally important to ensure that design relate to your bedroom’s theme. It is a good idea to purchase floral bedding set if you have a floral theme in your bedroom. However if you are following a checkered theme in your bedroom, then obviously it isn’t a nice idea to go for floral bedding unless you are about to try something really unique. One of the easiest ways to choose the right V&A bedding sets for your bedroom is to match the design with your bedroom’s theme.

Fabric and Price

I personally don’t look at the price and the fabric when shopping from V&A bedding at Browns of Weston and I recommend the same to others. Why you shouldn’t have to look at the quality of the fabric and why you shouldn’t bother price? As I already mentioned, V and A is a brand for people who are more design-oriented so design should be your priority. Most of the bedding sets by V and A are cotton-made and I mean high quality cotton so fabric is always great. You cannot expect to have a fantastic looking historic design on a cheap fabric, right? When design and fabric are unmatched, why you have to expect low price? Or in other words, why you have to even bother for the price, though prices aren’t very high? V and A bedding collection is a bit expensive as compared to other brands but if you have an above average aesthetic sense, you will not going to bother that.

There is another reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy even expensive luxury bedding by V and A. It is a brand that is owned by the V&A museum and all of its royalties are used by the museum so if your money is being utilized for a good cause (preserving history for next generations) then obviously you shouldn’t think second time about the price.

At the end, there are a lot of different bedding brands in UK but V&A bedding is the only brand that is associated with a museum and its entire collection is adapted from historical decorative objects. But it doesn’t mean that you should purchase from it just because it is owned by V&A museum but you should purchase because of its unique, history-rich and refreshing designs. It has everything in its online store ranging from bed linens to cushions to curtains to decoration products to jewelry and much more. You will always feel great after purchasing and using bedding from V and A.

V&A Bedding buying Guide

A complete yet concise V&A bedding and general bedding buying guide for all those are not sure as to what and how they have to purchase.

V & A Bedding

A lot of people who seem to be quite smart and wise, are actually don’t aware of the basics of buying a reliable and the right bedding. This is the reason we have so many bedding guides written and published by experts. You must be wondering what is so special about this particular bedding buying guide and why you have to read this till end.

There are two reasons why you should read this particular bedding buying guide. First, it is a concise yet complete buying guide. You don’t need a couple hours to read this entire guide instead you can easily read it under 10 minutes. Once finished, you will have a basic picture clear in your mind as to what you have to buy and how you have to buy. Second, this buying guide is basically about V&A bedding where we will talk a bit about V&A bedding too.

Let’s begin with a short review of V&A bedding

V & A Bedding

V&A bedding

V&A is one of the leading bedding brands of UK which is famous for its old designs that are adapted from the Victoria and Albert museum. All the bedding designs by V&A are either directly adapted from the museum archives or they are re-designed a bit so as to make them even better. Not to forget that V&A gives royalties to the V&A museum so this brand is a major earning source for the museum.

Bedding Buying Guide

Bedding includes a whole lot of different products including sheets, mattress, duvets, pillows, cushion, blanket, throw and much more. So when we talk about bedding buying guide, it means we have to talk about and discuss about all the items of general bedding set. This is what exactly we will do today.

Bed Sheets

Experts say that premium quality bed sheets can last as long as 18 years. You don’t have to expect every single bed sheet to be with you for 18 years. The real strength of a bed sheet lies in its fabric. Fabric doesn’t just have to be strong but it has to be soft too. Some of the major fabrics that are used in UK for the production of bed sheets are:

  • Cotton
  • Muslin
  • Sateen
  • Percale
  • Synthetic
  • Bamboo
  • Flannel

Note, these include fabrics as well as their types.

There are two types of bed sheets; fitted and flat sheet. Normally when you purchase V and A bedding set or a bedding set from any other bedding brand, you get both these sheets. Fitted sheet is the one that is fitted on the mattress while a flat sheet comes into contact with our body and is placed atop of mattress.

When shopping for a bed sheet, you have to look for following factors:

  • Size of the bed sheet which has to be exactly the same as the size of your mattress.
  • Fabric



Imagine sleeping without a pillow? It feels awful, doesn’t it? This is the reason you mostly get two types of pillowcases with V&A bedding sets. When shopping for a pillow, however, you have to emphasize on the fill of the pillow. Pillow has to be soft. The softer it is, more comfortable it will be. The softness of a pillow depends entirely on its filling material.

Pillows are generally filled with two types of material:

  • Natural
  • Synthetic

Natural filling materials include down, feather, cotton, wool, silk and other natural materials. On the other hand synthetic filling materials include foam, polyester, memory foam, hollowfibre and many others. Of course natural pillows are expensive as compared to synthetic pillows. But most of the people prefer using synthetic pillows because they are easy to wash and their maintenance is very easy.

No matter what type of pillow you buy, make sure that you get rid of it as soon as it loses its shape. A shapeless pillow is not good for your neck and can result in neck pain, back and shoulder pain so be very careful with pillows.


If you are of the view that duvets are only used in winter, you are wrong because you can use duvets throughout the year. You don’t have to believe me instead visit V&A bedding store and see for yourself. Duvets are available for every season and weather. There is a duvet that’s known as all-season duvet which can be used in all seasons.

Just like pillows, duvets should be purchased on the basis of their filling material. Of course a duvet has to be soft as well as warm (winter duvet). However if you are buying a duvet for summer, it doesn’t has to be warm. Duvets are filled with both natural as well as synthetic materials. Natural fibers include down, feather, silk, cotton, wool and others while synthetic materials include hollowfibre, polyester and others.

Majority of the people like to buy synthetic duvets because these are inexpensive, easy to wash and are hypoallergenic. Most of the experts say that synthetic duvets and pillows are better than natural ones. This is because manufacturing companies have created materials that contain all the benefits and good features of natural materials and have eliminated the drawbacks.

When you purchase V&A bedding set, you don’t get a duvet rather you get a duvet cover. Same is true for pillows where you get pillowcases with the V&A bedding.

Other Bedding Items

The bedding items that we have talked about are the major ones. All the other bedding items are counted as accessories or to be more general aren’t always needed.

Other bedding items include:

  • Blanket
  • Cushion
  • Bedspread
  • Comforters

When buying bedding from V&A bedding or from any other bedding brand like as Browns of Weston, you just don’t have to look at the fabric and the quality of the fabric instead design also plays a major role. If you are buying bedding from V&A bedding, I am sure you know that you are in safe hands because you don’t have to worry for design and styling.

How to Choose the Perfect Cheap Bed sheets

Are you planning to buy cheap bed sheets UK? Here is how to do it the right way.

These days, we have so much bedding items placed on our beds that it gets really hard to find the bed sheet. Despite using all those luxury and comfortable bedding products, bed sheets have not lost their importance and value. Bed sheets are still important because we get in contact with them. It has to be soft and it must feel good otherwise it will be no less than a nightmare to sleep on a bed sheet that’s not soft.

When it comes to buying bed sheets, we have several brands here in UK that sell premium quality bed sheets like V&A bedding, Sanderson and others. If you are planning to buy cheap bed sheets in UK or if it is just that you are more inquisitive as to how you can buy bed sheets at best price, then following tips are for you.

How to Buy Cheap Bed Sheets UK

First of all, let me clarify it that by cheap bed sheets we do not mean low quality bed sheets but the idea is to search for and purchase less priced bed sheets. And when we talk of buying cheap bed sheets or duvet covers, it doesn’t either mean that we have to compromise on the quality of the sheet. If you only look at the price of the bed sheet before buying it, you are making a serious mistake. A low quality bed sheet will always be cheap, you don’t have to find it, right? The idea is to find those less priced high quality bed sheets or in other words to find and buy bed sheets at discount.


Even if you are extremely short of cash and have not enough money to spend on a new bed sheet, you can still buy a cheap bed sheet made from a good fabric. Bed sheets are made from a lot of different fabrics which normally include:

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Silk

There are several types of these fabrics for instance we have Egyptian cotton, prima and Sea Island cotton so there is a lot of variety to choose from, and this is the reason we say that it is not easy to buy a bed sheet UK

Most of these fabrics are expensive while others are less-priced. When you are at a budget and cannot afford those luxury Egyptian cotton bed sheets, a good idea then is to look for affordable fabrics like cotton and cotton-poly sheets. These sheets are fairly inexpensive.


Design or as most of the people call it, weave happens to be the next big thing in selection of bed sheets. When your main motive is buy cheap bed sheets, I am afraid you won’t be able to have access to those well-designed branded sheets. You can access them but the thing is you cannot buy them because designs that inspire you are not always cheap.

A good idea, therefore, is to look for discounts. There are several online stores that willingly offer you hefty discounts on your first purchase or in case of bulk buying, so why not buy a bed sheet at discount from such stores? This way you will be able to pay less for a high quality and well-designed bed sheet.


Quality is the main concern in case of cheap bed sheets. The quality here refers to the overall quality of the bed sheet as a whole. One major misconception is that quality and price are positively related to each other. This is not the case. There are certain bedding brands in UK like Scion that manufacture and sell cheap bedding but their bedding isn’t low quality. Similarly there are a lot of companies and businesses all over the world that offer high quality products at extremely low price just to capture a major portion of market share. Bed sheets are no different.

So when you are buying even the cheapest bed sheet, don’t ever ignore its quality. If it seems to be of poor quality, don’t purchase it. Though in most of the cases, you get to know about the quality of a bed sheet after using it for sometime but there are certain fabrics and weaves that give a poor look, stay away from such bed sheets. Even if you are buying a cheap bed sheet, you are still paying for it, right? So why expect sub-standard product?

Some of the other things to look for are:

  • Thread count
  • Size
  • Wash instructions
  • Brand

And there could be several other variables but the ones we have discussed here are more than enough to buy cheap bed sheets UK. You won’t find it hard anymore to grab one of the best bed sheets at lowest possible price.